HRSG Parts & Complementary Systems

Main Stack

Main Stack depending on project requirements can be insulated or non-insulated, to be supported on ground (Self Supported), designed according to ASME-STS 1.
The primary considerations in design and sizing of the stack are;

  • Seismic and Wind loads,
  • Available Draft and Draft requirements,
  • Local environmental requirements,
  • Local fire protection and regulations,
  • Maximum permissible noise level,
  • Flow velocity and exhaust gas pressure drop.
  • Atmospheric conditions and corrosion protection
  • Acid dew point consideration and material selection
  • Thermal design and heat loss through surface

Main Stack Dampers

ENPRO is supplying Stack Dampers for cycling operations to keep the HRSG hot during the short shut down operations . Stack Dampers are best used to decrease the total Hot and Warm Start up time when the shutdown time is not more than 12 hours.

The use of a Stack Damper is the most effective and inexpensive way to prevent cool air form flowing through the HRSG. 

The primary services and advantages of Stack Dampers are;

  • Used for Cycling Operations,
  • Prevents cool air from flowing through the HRSG,
  • Decreases total HOT and Warm Start up time,
  • Can be both manually or automatically operated from DCS with electrical actuator ,
  • Tailor made design and manufacturing for each Plant,
  • Installed at the outlet of HRSG stack.
  • Designed for minimum pressure drop,
  • Modular design for ease shipment and installation.

HRSG Casing and Inlet Ducts

HRSG Casing and Inlet Duct sections are usually internally insulated with stainless steel liner protected panels which allows thermal grow of overlapped liners and prevents external surface expansions.

Enpro realizes detail engineering, manufacturing and supply of HRSG Casing and Inlet Ducts to Client.