ENPRO offers extensive consulting services for  combined cycle power plants for both new and existing facilities. With our industry knowledge and depth of experience, we can provide following services to support business decisions including:

Resource planning

ENPRO develops and evaluates power supply, energy efficiency, and procurement options to meet energy and capacity needs. Resource planning services may include evaluation of:

  • Existing generation and expansion options
  • New generation viability
  • Trading of existing assets
  • Potential and/or required renewable energy options
  • Energy efficiency and alternative generation technologies

ENPRO works with clients to determine which services meet best to their needs.

Alternatives analysis

ENPRO analyzes power supply alternatives and develops power supply portfolios that include alternative energy projects as well as traditional generation technologies. ENPRO maintains an in-house know how and having expertise on a variety of power plant technologies through its 10 years involvement in the energy sector. We can compare typical generation technologies and their energy efficiencies as well as applying the appropriate economic analysis methodologies to compare options with different expected life, plant performance characteristics, and capital and operating costs.


ENPRO has long-standing expertise in procurement consulting services, helping the clients get the best deal from bought-in goods and services. 

Effective procurement is becoming a more complex task, yet its importance in delivering value has never been clearer. There is real potential to secure cost savings if the procurement team has the right knowledge and skills.

Our approach delivers results through:

  • Cost and Risk reduction
  • Supplier collaboration
  • Business and procurement intelligence
  • Procurement organization and change management

Project development

ENPRO’s Project Development Services include the full range of support services needed to identify, evaluate, select, and implement specific power plant projects. ENPRO can work as an extension of a client's organization and provide only the specific support services needed for each individual project. ENPRO can effectively support developers, owners, investors, and contractors in the development and implementation of combined cycle power plants with the following services

  • Project contracting and implementation strategy development
  • Project feasibility evaluations
  • Site selection and environmental compliance reviews
  • Technology selection
  • Reviews and optimization studies
  • Constructibility assessments
  • Due diligence reviews
  • Capital and O&M cost estimates
  • Reviews and evaluations
  • Construction monitoring

Project management

ENPRO’s Project Management and Consulting Services provide consulting reviews of all levels of project management planning and execution from detailed support for the project team to high-level oversight and project risk assessments for a project company's senior executive management and Board of Directors with the following services

  • Assessment of project management programs, processes, and procedures
  • Project work planning and financial controls
  • Budget development and cost performance assessment
  • Construction reviews
  • Overall assessment of project schedule and cost risks