Power Plant Relocations

Due to Energy market and regulations and also competition ın Electricity generation companies ( IPPs) any specific technology power plant needs to be replaced  with some alternatives and /or more efficient solutions. Hence owners prefer to sell whole or part of their operating power plants and replace with alternative technologies.

ENPRO Project management and engineering team provides tailor designed turnkey solutions for Relocation of the exisitng plants.

ENPRO utilizes the following steps for such relocation projects;

  • Technical due diligence and reporting of the exisitng plant,
  • Basic engineering including Heat& Mass Balance studies for new location of the power plant,
  • Mechanical, Electrcial, I&C and process basic and detailed engineering review based on available data and information,
  • Completion of all missing engineering Works and specifications for all equipment in conjunction with new plant configuration and lay out,
  • Inspection for main equipment and decision on possible renewals,
  • Detailed marking and dismantling procedure preparation,
  • Diss-assembly with temporary supporting means,
  • Packing and Loading,
  • Transportation and custom clearence
  • Detail Civil Engineering Works for the new plant location,
  • Procurement and Transportation for all renewals and equipment/ material necessary for new plant configuration,
  • Site civil Works,
  • Mechanical, Electrical-I&C erection, installation and testing,
  • Hydrotest and Cold-Hot commissioing Works,
  • Take over of the plant to new owner.